The Imitation Game – Movie Review

I really like movies about real historic characters and events. The Imitation Game was really good. No wonder it was nominated for so many awards. I have no information about the accuracy of the story, but I found this idea very exciting.

For those of you who have no idea about the plot, this movie is about breaking the Enigma machine – a coding machine Germans used during the World War II and which was thought to be “unbreakable” because the code was changed every day at midnight. UK government assembled a special team of bright minds to decipher the messages and one of the team members is bright but weird and arrogant Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch), who finds a way to solve this problem. He lacks in social skills, but he figures out that the most important thing is to build  a machine, which could automatically break the code of  Enigma, if the settings would be known. It takes him a long time and a lot of failures before it is done, but this invention changed the course of history forever.

I really liked that this movie is focused on the human aspect of the events – how the relationships between people can change everything, how important it might be to have friends on your team, how hard it might be to have a bright mind and lack in social skills. I also love the fact that the female character Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley) plays such a significant role in this story. She is still feminine and nice, but her ability to use her mind is amazing. Don’t forget, in those days no one took women seriously. I found the ending of this movie very sad and shocking – how can one person achieve so much and be humiliated so horribly despite of it. But I won’t go into much detail about it, so you can enjoy this movie without big spoilers.

The acting and the way this movie is filmed is very pleasing. I was not distracted from story by anything. The emotions seemed very real. I really like Benedict Cumberbatch and I find him to be a truly great actor. He shines in any role, even though he has a problem saying the word “penguin” correctly (but he probably has learned it by now). I like movies about World War II and this one will be along my favourites. Not all movies about war must have lots of battle scenes to become great. A bit of romance, a bit of sadness, and lots of thinking. This will be equally interesting to both male or female audiences. I rate it by 8 out of 10 – even though it had not much action or plot twists, I found it very interesting and emotionally pleasing.

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One Response to The Imitation Game – Movie Review

  1. Dace says:

    Laba filma, tikko noskatījos.


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