Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – Book Review

13206760Scarlet by Marissa Meyer is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series. After reading Cinder (review here), I decided to continue reading these series as they are a bit different than most fairy tale remakes. It involves special race form Luna, and cyborgs, and spaceships – things I wouldn’t usually like but they come together nicely in these series.

Scarlet is the Little Red Riding Hood and she meets a wolf (not an actual wolf, he is a person), but is he all bad? Her grandmother is abducted and Scarlet goes on a quest to save her. Wolf comes along and  they develop a special connection. Also the story goes back to Cinder. She manages to escape the prison and has to hide. She finds an accomplice and later on meets Scarlet. I will not spoil the plot by going into more detail about it.

The second book was not as good in my personal opinion, even though it had more characters and action, I think it lacked in originality (the wolf pack was the only new interesting idea in this book). Also it involved too much cheesy romantic moments, which kind of reminded me of Twilight and not in the best way. I sincerely hope the next book will be better. I rate this book by 7 out of 10 because it was still interesting but it lacked the charm of the first book. Also, it seems to be too noble – real people don’t choose the common good above their own skin as much as they do in these series. It might be good if they did, but I don’t believe they would.

On the side note, one thing bothers me – why does the Earth appears so weak and helpless against Luna? Even in the future, I believe, people on Earth would try to wipe all Lunars from the Moon as soon as any threat would become apparent. People would have come up with hundreds ideas on how to detect Lunars and neutralise their special abilities and powers.

Also, the political map of today’s Russia in the series doesn’t convince me a bit. I don’t believe Russia would be split up and have no political power. There hasn’t been a major war in the history of Earth involving Russia, which Russia wouldn’t win in one way or another. People with such creativity and tolerance to alcohol can’t be defeated, at least not with classic war strategy and logic. Besides, there are few nations as patriotic as they are and I can’t imagine a point at which half the country would joint the Eastern Commonwealth. Hopefully this will be explained in one of the books or at leas in a special edition. I do understand that this novel is meant for teenagers and doesn’t concentrate on the global political issues, but this part still bugs me (and it’s not because I am half Russian myself, but because even in the futuristic world the history would repeat itself again and again). Maybe someone has read more than I did and could explain this to me?

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