Big Hero 6 – Movie Review

Big Hero 6 is an amazing animation for the whole family. It has robots, heroes and a villain. It is a movie about the true goodness and right choices. It is also a movie about painful loss that can be overcome by having great fiends and family.

Hiro and Tadashi are two brothers who are incredibly smart and good at creating robots. Tadashi is the older brother who wants to guide his brother to make the right choices in life. He introduces Hiro to his awesome friends and colleagues at the Robotics Lab, and he also shows him his biggest project  – Baymax. Baymax is a healer robot and he is amazing! Hiro decides that he also wants to join the robotics lab and creates a special project, but things go wrong after the presentation and a fire takes the life of his older brother. Only after some time and deep grief Hiro finds a new meaning in life when he meets Baymax again. And the adventure begins. Hiro has found that his project idea has been stolen and is used by a masked villain. He has to stop him and Baymax, with some minor upgrades, becomes an awesome sidekick.

I absolutely fell in love with Baymax, I hope that one day there will  be a real health-care robot who will take such good care of you. Hopefully they won’t become killer-robots. Baymax is so cool – he may not have a sense of humour or doesn’t understand expressions and sarcasm, but he learns fast. His naivety is so adorable and he looks like a giant marshmallow.  And the coolest thing – he acts like he’s drunk when on low battery. What’s not to like? Other characters are interesting and have very distinct personalities. I particularly like Fred – he will surprise you in so many ways. He’s probably on drugs, but it’s not shown in the movie, so your kid’s safe.

Animation is lovely and ideas for different robots could improve lives of people in the future. As most of the modern Disney’s animation, a lot of care has been put into details. It’s also probably full of “Easter-eggs” too. The music is OK, but don’t expect stunning “Let it go” phenomena. If you have a little bit of patience to wait until the end of the credits, you can see a bonus clip featuring Fred. I like the humour – it is very simple but made me giggle and probably will seem absolutely hilarious to younger children. Overall I rate Big Hero 6 by 9 out of 10. It has the right values, it’s suitable for any age and made me feel warm and fuzzy at some particularly cute moments.

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