The Maze Runner – Movie Review

Finally had a chance to see the Maze Runner. I can’t say it will become one of the best movies in my personal top, but it is decently entertaining and has some interesting ideas. Unfortunately, there is not much to tell without spoiling the plot.

The movie starts with a young lad being delivered to the Glade – a centre of a big maze, where a lot of young male teenagers are trying to find their way out. He can’t remember anything about how he got there or what happened to him before. The others tell him about the Maze – it changes every night and no one who stayed in the Maze for a night ever came out. There are some guys who are called the Maze Runners. Their main function is to map the Maze and find the way out. Others are contributing to this small society by doing some work. Some of the boys have spent 3 years in the Glade but had no luck of getting out of the Maze. Everything will change now.

Some parts of the story seem very strange to me – how come no one has managed to catch a Griever before? In 3 years they should have figured out a way how to make weapons or get to the inside of the Glade by using the lift. Come on, if there is a lift, there must be a way to hack it. The boys don’t seem to be smart. It’s like boys in the Never Land – left alone and playing games all day. Is that what happens, if there are no girls around? And they seriously never thought that they are being watched 24/7? Surely, wiping their memories might have something to do with it, but still. Let one smart guy come in and he can make a bigger progress than they managed to achieve in 3 years. Also, I find it interesting, that the boys didn’t have any romantic relationships between them. 3 years without girls in a relatively closed environment is a long time, if you know what I mean.

I like that this movie has some fresh actors as the main characters. To be honest, I am tired of seeing the same faces in just about every YA/dystopian  movie out there. Some of the actors have previously been in supporting roles in other movies, some have been seen in popular TV series. I guess this is their chance to shine and show their talents. The special effects might be much more impressing on the big screen. I did like the way they made the monsters (Grievers) – they are part robots, part living creatures and they look like mutant scorpions. Very scary and deadly. The Maze itself looks quite impressive too. I can’t say that I was impressed with camera work. Soundtracks are not really interesting and I couldn’t say I would recognise any of them. I really love movies with impressive soundtracks. I guess they just couldn’t afford Danny Elfman (he is the genius behind some of the best soundtracks of all time) or a well recognisable pop-star. Overall I was quite entertained. I guess it is in the same category and level as Divergent movie, so I rate it by 7 out of 10. I will probably watch the next part but not on the big screen. Could recommend to people who like action movies and book adaptations. Was I tempted to read the books? Maybe, but I have some other books in my TBR pile that will definitely come first.

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