On Challenges and Reading Lists

I can’t believe it’s already January 2015.

Last year I reached my reading goal of reading 90 books, that’s 26268 pages. I did listen to some audio books, but last year was truly a year I was reading physical books. Most of them I got form the library. You can have a look at the books I’ve read here.

I have a big goal for 2015 already – I want to read most of the fiction books I own. I have the largest Expedit bookcase half full with books and most of them remain unread. Lately I have bought a lot of new books and I haven’t had a chance to read them because I always have a stack of library books I want to read first (mostly because I have to bring them back in a short while). So no more hoarding without reading! I understand, that reading all the books from my personal collection in just one year would be unrealistic and I definitely will read some library books, e-books, and listen to some audio books in between, but I will try to put much more of my own in the mix. I also want to read more non-fiction books this year as I usually don’t have the patience and enough enthusiasm to read more than 20 pages. But I will try my best this year.

My TBR list is very long and it gets longer all the time at Goodreads. If I wouldn’t add anything to it, it would take me 3/4 years with my regular speed to read them all. Not too bad, I would say, but I know that there are more treasures to find and add to that list. Even finishing good books I already started reading gets hard sometimes – I’ve been reading A Clash of Kings since March of 2013 and just can’t force myself to finish it. One day I will, but not today.

Another challenge for this year is to get rid of the junk I have accumulated in the last 5 years since I moved to UK. I could not imagine that I am capable of having so much stuff and I tend to buy more and more. OK, most books I bought are for keeping and I do a revision of my clothes every season, but I still have too much stuff that can’t be categorised and I can’t figure out a way to get rid of it. I know I won’t miss it, when it’s gone, but I still struggle to make that step. Hoarding runs in my family and I can’t do anything about it – collecting stuff is so much fun and there is a story behind almost every single thing I own. Since I discovered British Heart Foundation shops and cheap shops like The Works, I can’t go to the city centre without buying something. So for this year I want to challenge myself to get rid of some stuff – sell it, give it away, donate it to charity or simply toss it, if it’s not good any more. Also, buying things should be more rational and less emotional. A very hard thing to do. Probably, the hardest part will be to stop buying craft supplies and stationery. I have bough so much of it but still can’t resits getting more. On the other hand – having everything at hand makes the creative process much easier when you have all the stuff right at your fingertips when you need it. I want to challenge myself to make more projects and use the supplies I already have.

I have some big plans for the summer but I don’t want to reveal them at this stage. I won’t challenge myself to lose weight, travel more, learn a language or do any other things I have on my goals list every year. I will try to enjoy myself and take the best this year can give me.

Do you challenge yourself in any way? And how do you deal with clutter? Is it easy for you to part with things? Comments are more than welcome.

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