The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Movie Review

Went to see the last Hobbit movie in cinema and it was spectacular. Remember the fight scenes form LOTR? Well, this might not be as massive but not less impressive. A lot of emotions, perfect frames and nice special effects. There are still a lot of Peter Jacksons additional events and details, but this time it is closer to the book as I remember it.

This is the last part – The Battle of Five Armies. The name sums it up pretty well. I will assume that you are familiar with the book, if not, SPOILER ALERT. In the beginning Smaug burns the Lake Town to the ground (or water would be more precise). Then Bard saves everyone by shooting him down (Sorry, Smaug, Peter Jackson decided not to change this part). The Lake Town people are seeking refuge in the old ruins of Dale and hope to get the help from the dwarves. But Thorin’s  mind has been poisoned by all the gold and missing Arkenstone. He is not going to share any wealth with anyone, not even when the elves arrive to claim some of their old treasure (shiny elvish trinkets) and declare war, if the dwarves will not consent. Dwarves lock themselves behind the walls and Bilbo tries to save the situation by betraying Thorin. Parallel to this there are not less important things happening in Dol Guldur. The Necromancer (aka Sauron) gets banished, but not defeated. Saruman ensures Elrond and Galadriel that he will take care of it (and we know how that ends, old fool). Gandalf gets rescued and tries to warn the men and elves about the dangers, but would they ever listen? So they decide to attack the dwarves anyway. Surprise, surprise, dwarves have their cousins on their way and they are ready to fight for the gold (and judging by the accent they come from Scotland, riding on boars and goats). They are just about to fight, but then the orcs show up with their enormous army. So all the good folk go into battle against them. Spectacular battle scenes and orks are winning purely because of the numbers and a bunch of trolls they have with them. Of course, at one pint Thorin comes to his senses and the outcome of the battle is changed for good. Also, eagles show up as usual to save the day. The orcs are defeated and some of the good folks stay alive to rebuild their lives after this short but very live-costly battle. Some of the main characters die too. Bilbo gets a small chest of treasures and a mithril shirt and returns to the Shire to find out that most of his possessions have been sold in an auction. Movie ends with the perfect moment – tying the end of The Hobbit with the beginning of The Lord of The Rings.

This part is very emotional and full of hard decisions. What is important – gold, honour, family, your people? Bilbo’s betrayal is very important in the books but is a bit diminished in the movie. Nevertheless, all relationships in this part are under question. I still think that the elf-dwarf love was a huge mistake and I’m honestly glad that ended. I am OK with most of the other changes, but this is simply ridiculous. Just, NO! I was impressed by the battle scenes and Legolas has the best fight moves, as usual. Also, I liked Alfrid as the perfect selfish bastard character. He is so pathetic but at the same time he has great self-preservation instincts. I enjoyed the small details, like the battle boar and armoured ram (very convenient for mountain regions). I was a bit disappointed to see so little of Beorn, he is one of my favourites in the book. Hopefully the DVD extended version will have some more. Visual and sound effects are exceptional, as usual.  Very good acting and costumes. In the very end the credits have beautiful sketches. Every detail is worked through to perfection. I rate this movie by 10 out of 10. This will become another movie to re-watch every year around Christmas time.

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