Cinder by Marissa Meyer – Book Review

11235712I picked up Cinder by Marissa Meyer in the library, when the children’s/teenager section was closed for repairs and they had put a couple of shelves with selected literature for the time. I heard a lot good reviews about it and got intrigued by the hype. I’m very glad I did – this is truly a good book for all kinds of audiences.

The story is modernized version of Cinderella – only the girl is called Cinder, she is a cyborg, and everything is happening in futuristic Beijing. Cinder still has a stepmother (her legal guardian) and two stepsisters. People have long colonized the moon, and now the lunar people have special powers (something like magic). In this version, Cinder is a very skilled mechanic, the Earth suffers from plague, and there is going to be a huge ball at the palace. The prince is the next emperor of Commonwealth (China) and Earth is in very complicated political relationship with Luna (Moon). War can start any day. Not an easy time for people or cyborgs.

I really enjoyed this book. A very fast read. I like the characters – they are well developed and I could easily imagine them. I love the fantasy elements and even the incorporation of futuristic elements like androids and cyborgs. I am not a huge fan of futuristic Sci-Fi, but the background and development of these elements was very logical and organic in this book. I also enjoyed that Cinder is not a flawless good girl – she is a young lady with some stubbornness and anger issues. Prince Kai is charming and it is well described by the author. He wants to make the best decisions for his country. Background characters are interesting too. You can feel that each of them would have their own story to tell. I love that in books. The ending is pretty much clear from the very beginning, but it doesn’t spoil the story in the middle. I really liked this book and I will definitely read the sequels. I rate this book by 9 out of 10.

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