Great Expectations – Promissing Movies Comming Out Soon

Why is it always like this – the best movies are only coming out around December, March or July? Most of the year I want to go to the cinema, but there isn’t a single movie to see (or at least none that I would be willing to pay for). Anyhow, end of November brings new movies I was waiting to see all year. This is my top 10 cinema list for movies I will watch on a big screen (with the UK coming out dates) for the next couple of months:

14 November –  The Imitation Game. Movie with smart people, impossible task, World War II and history changing events. Yes, please! Besides, I really think Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor.

20 November – Mokingjay Part 1. Love the books and can’t wait to see this part. So far, I think the movie adaptations were decent and I didn’t need to point out “this is not how it was in the book” more than it would be acceptable for a good book based movie.

28 November – Paddington. When I saw the trailer, I almost jumped out of my shoes. Seriously, this should be great. Books are amazing and, if you haven’t read them as a child, don’t be shy, pick it up and have a wonderful afternoon laughing and giggling.

5 December – The Penguins of Madagascar. These four little bros know how to entertain a crowd. Never underestimate a good team. Thanks again for choosing Air Penguin…

12 December – The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. I know, I know – Peter Jackson put too much stuff in this one, that was not in the book. Well, I like the extra stuff (except the elf/dwarf love story, that is just wrong, man). This part is supposed to be the most spectacular of all with the battle scenes and some more of that bad-ass dragon.

2 January –The Theory of Everything. I don’t know about you, but I really like Hollywood style biographies. Yes, I know, they twist the facts around the plot in the way it will be more engaging, but there is this emotional touch that is lacking in proper documentaries. And I find life of Stephen Hawking fascinating and very inspiring.

2 January – The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. I am not a fan of horror movies, but The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe was great. It was the right amount of creepy and jumpy at the same time. What can be more horrid than someone claiming children’s lives.

9 January – Into The Woods. This is a mash-up of all kinds of fairy tales and it looks fun and dangerous. Besides, I can’t skip any movies, where Johnny Depp is not playing a normal human being.

20 March – Insurgent. Part two of “these are not Hunger Games” trilogy. I enjoyed the first movie and have no intention of reading the books any time soon, so I might as well just go and watch the movie.

27 March  (in other countries it’s on screens in December) – Seventh Son. Trailer looks nothing like the books. Thomas is way too old, witches are way too beautiful, and Alice looks nothing like Alice. I want to see it, despite it only having a distant resemblance to the book series.

Which movies are you waiting for? Let me know in the comment section.

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