The Giver – Movie Review

I watched The Giver the other day and would like to share my impressions. Another distopian movie. The world without colour, emotions, no one is lying, people get assigned to their professions and even families. Everyone is the same. A crowd of mindless sheep living on an island above the clouds under surveillance. And only one person who knows the whole truth.

Jonas is the next in line to become a receiver of memories – basically he gets all the memories of the human kind. He gets to experience colour, music, animals and many other things for the first time. He starts to understand the real world and shares some pieces of it with others. But that is against the rules.

When Jonas discovers the truth about the system (babies are getting killed; injections of chemicals to lose feelings are made; separating natural families), he decides to do something about it. To change the world, he has to brake the memory line.

I guess the flaw of the system was not to isolate the next receiver from the society for the time of his training. Memories are overwhelming. Trying out new knowledge is natural. Putting the society system under a threat is an expected outcome.

I found many errors in this movie and these are just some of them:

  • Hair barely moving when sliding down a hill on a try.
  • Not crushing after jumping off the cliff.
  • Child not dying in a desert being without sufficient nourishment for so long/surviving in cold without warm clothes.
  • Surviving the fall into the river.
  • Everything going back to “normal” the second someone crosses the memory line.
  • Returning the memories to everyone, even when they had not been experienced first hand.

In the end the movie reminded me of The Village, only not so scary – secluded and hidden society living in a secret place. How come no one broke the memory line from below? No animals down there? I didn’t get the ending. Was there or was there not a “normal” world off the cliff?

I will be honest and tell that I didn’t like this movie. Nothing special about it – weak acting (even with such nice set of actors); average special effects; no interesting props or ideas; no plausibility in the context of the story. I rate it by 4 out of 10. I certainly would not recommend it to anyone, I even lost all interest in reading the book, and I probably will never want to re-watch this movie again.

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