The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Episode (2014)

So this has finally happened, the epic episode is out!

Gone are the days, when the Simpsons and Family Guy are fighting for popularity – they can get over the differences and make a decent episode collaborating and implementing the best of them both.

This episode is full of typical jokes from both shows but somehow it does make sense. Griffins get their car stolen and end up in Springfield. Of course, they meet the Simpsons family. Each character partners up with the most similar character from the other show and they have some fun. And then they fight…

They fight,
They bite,
They bite and fight and bite,
bite, bite,bite,
fight, fight, fight,
The Simpsons and Griffins Show!

So many fans have been waiting for this fight for ages!

What I really love about the episode, it’s not just the idea itself but also the way of making it so organic. The jokes are still silly and offensive but there is no strict line between the shows or fighting for the solo act. There are small mix of other popular animation shows like Bob’s Burgers, Flintstones, American Dad, and others. So much space for creativity and new ideas, which wouldn’t work in a regular episode of any of the shows. Besides, the episode is double time. If you are a fan of this shows, this episode is pure gold.

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