Divergent – Movie review

I have heard so much about the book but still haven’t had a chance to read it. This time I decided to watch the movie first.

First few minutes of Divergent explained  the system and what’s going on. I had an “oh” moment – is this what’s happening after death? At least casting the star-crossed lovers from The Fault In Our Stars made me think so for a second. Like some kind of inception. At first this world seems like utopia with happy/crazy people running around, jumping, doing their thing. Actually, this whole movie is about running and jumping. I have not read the book yet but that’s the first impression I got. The special day, when you have to choose where you belong, reminded me of the Hunger Games, only less dramatic at first sight. The test and choosing was like an upgrade version of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. They will know where you belong but you still have the right to choose. Choose wrongly and you will end up bumming around for the rest of your life. No, this system is perfectly fine, isn’t it? Just put people in their box, if they don’t fit, get rid of them. Also, people from different boxes can’t really mix together – just casual business relationships. This seems very unlikely. Factions before blood? How did they even come to this? Everything in this system is against true human nature. Being “divergent” is worse than having some horrible disease. And the protagonist happens to be one. I don’t know what she was thinking, when she chose to leave her family. Did she just think that that other faction is more fun?

Anyhow, the whole process of switching to a completely different life is incredibly hard. And when you discover, that you might be kicked out on the street or even get killed in the process, the less fun in that. Tris is a very weird character. Being divergent made her overcome herself in various ways. At first she didn’t have any particular traits or strengths but she works hard to fit in and becomes better and better. Later on, discovering the complexity of the system and the horrible truth about the power-greedy people, made a turning point in the story. Tris has to protect her family despite being separated from them. But it wouldn’t be a modern story without some love mixed in. Some sexual tension, true love and all that jazz.

I can’t complain about the cast or visual appearance because I haven’t read the books. A lot of violence, bullying  and unfair treatment. I did enjoy watching it and wasn’t bored but I didn’t feel that system like this would be possible. Why wouldn’t the peace-keepers repress the power-greedy Erudites? Isn’t that the whole point? I just can’t believe in many things going on in the story. Also, I find Tris quite annoying. I understand that she wants to survive but I don’t feel any connection to the character or agree with her choices. Why so many female protagonists are brave but quite obstinate? I prefer brave and smart characters (like Hermione Granger). I will, however, rate this movie by 7 out of 10 because it kept me entertained for over 2 hours, even if I disagree with the ideas of the story.

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