What to watch in 2014/2015 – new episodes of TV shows

The new season of TV shows is about to start, and what can be better than spending a cold fall evening having  a warm cup of tea or coffee and watching something interesting, when one is just too tired to read a good book instead. I want to suggest some of my personal favourites and some shows I want to check out myself. I did not include shows I stopped watching for any reason, or good oldies, which are not filmed any more. Just the fresh TV shows with new season coming out this year. You can check out the full list for renewed shows here. I grouped the shows by their genre:

Supernatural/Fantasy shows

Grimm – descendant of the long line of the Grimm family is a detective who solves crimes, which involve supernatural creatures.

Once Upon A Time – where all your fairytale memories come together in one. Not all fairytale characters are as they may seem, and there are always people in trouble. Good guys have to work together with bad guys to get rid of even worse guys. A lot of surprises in every episode.

The Vampire Diaries – this is probably the most unpredictable show ever. Every episode brings new sense of doom but I just can’t stop watching. Too many plot twists and romantic suffering but still entertaining and grabbing. Am I the only one who despises Elena Gilbert? Even as a vampire she still ends up being a damsel in distress. Poor Salvatore brothers, why can’t they just move on already? Love them or hate them but once grabbed by the story, one just can’t stop.

The Originals – same story as The Vampire Diaries only from the perspective of the Originals (first Vampire family). Less romantic sobbing, more cunning plots and some good old fiends (this was not a spelling mistake, I meant it).

Supernatural – no supernatural TV show list is good without this. Going deeper and deeper down the drain of creation, heaven and hell, the Winchester brothers are here to get into more trouble (and probably die couple of times along the way). In this season we will see a lot of Bad Boy Dean ;). I missed him so much! Can’t stand the sentimental, sad version of him. Sam is a much better Good Boy. And they have to be in balance.

Penny Dreadful – something new and fresh in the supernatural department. Victorian London setting with a dash of supernatural characters from cheap books (so called penny dreadfuls). Frankenstein, Dorian Grey and such likes. Some nudity and violence involved.

Doctor Who – because Space and Time are relative entities. New season, new Doctor. Still haven’t  decided, whether I like him but Clara is  my top favourite sidekick so far.

Game of Thrones – still a long wait until April but can’t make a list without it. Probably still the biggest show on TV. Interesting plot (a bit different than the books), lots of unexpected deaths and nakedness. I love the work put into these series. Each episode is like a movie. Beautiful costumes, nice special effects and good acting. If you haven’t heard of it, you must be living in a cave.

Lost Girl – another show full of supernatural creatures and their inner politics. Love, sex, cunning – as most of them. Probably not the best one but at least they have a Russian speaking character, who can actually speak Russian.

Detective shows

Elementary – Sherlock Holmes in modern New York City. In this version, Watson is a lady played by Lucy Liu. I like this version mostly because Sherlock is showed more human than in many other adaptations – he was a drug addict, he can make mistakes, and he has problems with defining and expressing his feelings.

The Mentalist – I am not sure, when the new season will start. Will it be any good after the last episode? I preferred the tango of uncertainty. I liked the Red John hunt better than the last FBI season. Still, Patrick Jane is charming in his inner darkness and very talented in solving mysteries.


Bob’s Burgers – animation comedy. A family fights the struggles of keeping family business afloat and live their “normal” life. Very funny and crazy characters and situations.

The Simpsons – champion of champions in the family comedy field. Entertaining people since 1989.

Family Guy – one of the most contradicting shows out there. Vulgar and wrong in so many levels but funny nonetheless.

South Park – another vulgar TV show. Even being disgusting and discriminating, it discusses existential questions and serious political issues.

New Girl – situation comedy with a bunch of friends, who try to figure out life. Not as funny as the first seasons but at the moment still one of the best. Hopefully next season will not be as depressing as the last one.

The Big Bang Theory – a geeky  TV show about physicists, their ladies, and their relationships. I still find a lot of jokes funny and particularly like the growth of characters over the years. Science related jokes are mostly up-to-date with new discoveries.

Two and a Half Men – how should I put this – it just isn’t the same! Should the show keep its name – there are only 2 men left! Charlie is long dead, Jake has grown up and hardly ever on the show but there is no way of getting rid of Alan.  If he seemed to be simply a whiny loser in the first season, over the last 10 years, he has become a cunning leech of whoever lives in the beach-house. Berta is still there and you can see a little bit of Rose time to time. I feel sorry for Walden but he probably deserves it.

Other shows

Grey’s Anatomy – private lives of good (and not so good) doctors and residents. Probably closest to the reality except these doctors tend to accumulate special power of attracting any possible disasters in one place. I still can’t imagine the chance of so many doctors dying over the years in one hospital. Not many familiar characters are left from the season 1 (2005) but their lives are still full of interesting situations and medical conditions.

Downton Abbey – oh, look how these posh people struggle with having not enough of too-much-money! And you can even see how the poor people suffer in the fortune of working for them. Worth watching because these times are long passed and there are beautiful costumes and cutlery sets involved. Maggie Smith is truly amazing in the role of the Dowager Countess of Grantham.

Some shows I want to check out include:

Hannibal; American Horror StoryDa Vinci’s Demons; Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (just found out they are going to make this wonderful book into a TV show); The Librarians (because the movie was not enough, and I have a degree in Library and Information science); The Musketeers (should give it a try); Sherlock (when the new episodes come out, but that won’t be until 2016 ); Witches of East End (might be good)

Feel free to make any suggestions for the shows you like and think I might like as well.

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2 Responses to What to watch in 2014/2015 – new episodes of TV shows

  1. Dace says:

    The Musketeers is worth trying 😉


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