My Etsy Shop!

Guess what? I opened my Etsy Shop! It’s called EllasLittleShop and at the moment I have 5 lovely 3D cards for sale. I’m still getting used to all settings and features as a seller and have to deal with minor problems (like taking good pictures of my items and deciding on appropriate price). I have some more cards available for sale from my personal collection, but I didn’t have a chance to take pictures and put them for sale yet. I will be updating my shop depending on demand and available items. At the moment I only have cards for sale but soon I hope to add some of my plushies too. I find it all very exciting and hope that you will like my cards and share them with your friends.

IMGP5041 Front IMGP5035 Front IMGP5021

Special offer for my readers:

If you are interested in buying some cards from me directly, that can be arranged and I will lover the price to £3.00 and customise delivery price according to your location. I can also make some cards for a special occasions (like weddings or baby showers) but I can’t take too many orders at the same time so this will need to be arranged personally. Leave a comment with your contact details and we can arrange everything by email.

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