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I love Chris Riddell’s illustrations and art, and this is how I feel about reading 😉

As I mentioned in my previous post, I want to reinvent my blog and talk more about the things I like – particularly books, movies and maybe some series. But before I jump into book reviews and other things, I would like to talk about my reading habits – the books I read, when I read, how I read, etc.

I like to read different kinds of books. I would not say no to any particular genre or reading format. The main thing for me to start a book is the novelty in some aspect, interesting dialogues or monologues, beautiful language, unusual setting or obstacles of the scene (only some books have the full set). Sometimes I read novels, sometimes I read practical books, lately I have discovered the world of graphic novels (mostly because of the many BookTubers who are always mentioning them). I love reading printed books, I like reading e-books, I don’t neglect audio-books – any format of an interesting story is fine by me. 91ac5b403fb224943029e62a00e2cff5

My reading habits are inconsistent. I might read a lot of books at the same time or none at all, I may skip some books that I have started to read other books without any remorse or force myself to finish a book I started ages ago. I hardly ever leave the house for more than a couple of hours without something to read. I must admit – I am a readoholic. I read books, journals, blogs, free brochures, commercial crap and any kind of text, if I have to spend some time alone. When I lived in Riga, I used to read a lot in the public transport, now I mostly read at home or at work (yes, working in a cloakroom over the weekends has some amazing perks).

Where do I get my books? Anywhere! I rarely buy novels in printed format. I prefer e-books or library books. The main reason for that is the lack of physical space and the fact that I tend to change my TBR (to-be-read) books according to my mood. Buying over 80 novels a year would lead to bankruptcy and piles of books everywhere (I already have a bookshelf in every room as it is). I do buy cookbooks, craft books or encyclopaedias. I also buy special kinds of books – like assistants to the series I love, bargain books I know I would flick through again and again, and books that will not become useless in 20 years. I always try to find a good bargain regarding book prices – books on sale, second hand books, books left in BookCrossing spots, books that someone doesn’t want… Regarding the shops – and The Works are my particular favourites. I also love Waterstones but I find their books mostly overpriced. Sometimes there are great bargains so I keep coming in and checking out for the sales or special deals. You never know what you will find.

9aed2d5dcc1d942795ce704c8ba7bd34I love libraries! I love the idea of borrowing and lending books. I believe that every book has a reader and every reader has a book. I used to work in a medical library, in two university libraries, and in a public library. I will always be an advocate for the libraries and sign petitions against closing them down.  I try to educate my friends about the things people can do and find in the public library, how they can get there, and I lead unofficial excursions around the place, if they have never been there before (even yesterday I took another friend to the Library of Birmingham). I visit the library at least once in 2 weeks and always have not less than 5 books checked out at the same time. I prefer to have a huge pile to read through rather than run out of interesting reading material (as if that’s ever going to happen).

In the last few years I have managed to devote a lot of time to reading. You can find the books I read in my Goodreads profile. This year my goal is to read at least 80 books. I am on track and even 2 books ahead of my schedule (thanks to the reading challenge on Goodreads). I count all formats of books together (including audio books and graphic novels). Some people might not consider them as “proper books” but that is their problem, no mine. My TBR list is growing every day and I seriously doubt that it will ever become shorter. 24efc81d83816c21905d3655d5dd1504I find out about books on Goodreads (duh!), on YouTube, in blogs, in books, my friends recommend them, or I just simply stumble upon interesting books in the library or at book stores.

I read through many genres but lately I mostly chose YA (young adult), children’s books, fantasy or some best-sellers (just to know what’s the fuss about). I do particularly like books aimed at the middle school audience – what can I say, I love adventure that is not spoiled by useless romance for the most part of the book, and happy ending with maybe just a kiss is always so nice. Harry Potter, Narnia, and other children’s books have a special place in my heart. I reread many books that I loved as a child and have  a completely different perspective. If you haven’t read Winnie the Pooh or Alice in Wonderland as an adult, you are missing a lot. These classic books have been read to children all around the world for a reason. As a child I could see the adventure and interesting stories, as an adult I see the deep stereotypical micro societies with a lot of clinical conditions but everyone is still living happily ever after. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of drugs did the author of a children’s book must have used to invent such peculiar world. I admire the ability to be so creative and write children’s books. I must admit, I almost never read cheesy romance, crime or biographies – not my cup of … (I can’t say tea because I love all kinds of tea).

I love reading book series. I also have some kind of addiction to the TV series (a topic for a special post section). I am always stuck between 2/3 series at the same time + other books I want to read. I like the feeling of finding a great story and the soothing notion that it will go on. I have a habit on binging on particular authors but I try to keep it down and not overwhelm my TBR piles. Nonetheless,  if I see a book just lying around in the library by the author I love, and I haven’t seen it before, I have to take it. That’s just the way it is. I will definitely devote some blog posts to the series I have read and found particularly great but all good things come to those who wait. So you will have patient.

This is pretty much it about my reading habits. I hope that I have covered it all but I will gladly answer any questions. Do you have any particular reading habits? I would like to find out about them.

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