Reinventing my blog


Dear reader

After such a long, long, long break, I decided to reanimate my English blog. Why? And why not?

I have a blog in Latvian and it have brought me some nice moments but I feel that the potential audience is too small. Anyhow, in the future I would like to talk about books and libraries, and more books.

I used to work in several libraries and have a degree in Library and Information science. No, at the moment I don’t work in a library. Why not? At the present moment I found a new calling in translation – translating documents from one language to another is very interesting. You can learn a lot of new vocabulary, find out about new topics you would not otherwise  look into, think more about grammar, and lots more. But I still love libraries. I know that my English is imperfect and I am struggling with prepositions but I can see a lot of improvement since I started devouring books. I hope you will forgive my grammatical errors and try to focus on the information and emotions rather than choice of words. Which brings me back to the main topic.

Yes, books. How wonderful it is to find a place and time to fully devote yourself to reading. It doesn’t matter what the book  is about. The main goal is to put your mind into it. Follow the small symbols which turn into words, into sentences, into meaning. Some people don’t read books. I could never understand why? My husband doesn’t read. He admits that reading bores him and he can’t concentrate enough to become a reader. The same thing I have heard from many other friends. At the moment I am surrounded by people who don’t read for fun, they read only when they have to, and that makes me so sad. I couldn’t imagine my life without reading. I had my own public library card since I was 3 years old. Of course, I didn’t read the books myself at the time but my mum did. She read a lot and I will always be grateful for that. Without reading the brain freezes in the same state of development. Yes, you can get a lot of new ideas from other sources but nothing makes you concentrate more than reading. I must admit, I am a slow reader. It was very hard for me to learn how to read and now I know that it might be dyslexia but I don’t care. I just read.

Lately I have thought a lot about expressing myself. Mostly because I discovered that a lot of my friends don’t share the same interests and hobbies but many random people on the Internet do. We can still talk about many other things with my friends and it is great but sometimes I just want to share my opinion about a book or a movie. I want to share my experiences in this parallel world of imaginary things. That’s why I want to reinvent my blog. Even if I will stay unnoticed, even if no one will read it, I don’t care. I want to express myself and leave a small piece of me behind.

If you have read so far, I would like to thank you for your patience and ability not to close this page of my rumbling. I am sincerely sorry, if you didn’t find anything interesting in this post. It was not intended to be so long and boring. I just wanted to try and relieve myself, get some stuff out of the system and carry on with a fresh breath. I promised to myself not to indulge in useless writing in the future and keep all complains to myself. I hope to write much more positive things about books I read and movies I watch that would inspire other people. I hope to become better in writing and devote a portion of my time to learning, reading and writing. Thanks again for reading and don’t hesitate to make your statement about reading in the comment section. I will approve all related comments.



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